Q4. How Can I Access VPN services?

You need to meet the following criteria in order to access this website:

1. Your PC has Internet broadband connection.

2. You are authorized to use this service. For the application procedure, please contact ITSD help desk.

3. Your PC is running Chinese/English Windows 2000 professional or Windows XP.

4. You are using Microsoft Internet browser version 6.0 or above.

5. In the first time using this website, a VPN client software called Windows Secure Application Manager will be installed on your PC. So you must possess software installation privilege on your PC. Some commercial use or Internet cafe computers normally remove such privilege.

If you have been using "MTR Extranet" (i.e. info.mtr.com.hk) before Dec 2004, you should have already been authorized to access this website. But you should note that the logon method is changed.